Diary of the Apprentice: Celebrity Clients

How awesome is my life right now? You be the judge.

First of all, I get to try these babies! <3


MAC powders, Nars blushes and eyeshadows, Bobbi Brown concealers, Hourglass highlighters — name it, Ms Denise has it. I can’t afford these stuff at the moment so being able to try them, swatch them, and see them perform for free is beyond awesome! I should probably do a separate post on the makeup she uses, no? I’ll ask permission first. :)

And then I get to see these people.

Jodi Sta Maria
 Sarah Lahbati
(currently one of my Filipino girl crushes)
Liza Soberano and Sue Ramirez
Unbelievably beautiful young ladies that reduced my self-esteem to 25%
Ms Denise has a long list of celebrity clients. She also has a lot of loyal ad agencies that get her to do makeup for campaigns. She defines in-demand. I mean, this lady has multiple shoots every single day! Definitely life peg, forevs!
My favorite shoot so far was the one yesterday with Liza Soberano and Sue Ramirez for Natasha Beauty. I was a true assistant that day. Besides helping with the tools, I get to study the pegs and help Ms Denise use the right makeup for them. I also helped remove Liza’s lipstick in between sets. You might think these are just small things but to me, they are special moments that bring me closer to my dreams.
One of my favorite looks on Liza Soberano
 Most favorite look on Liza Soberano
One of my favorite looks on Sue Ramirez
There was another look where she wore emerald green eyeshadow and salmon pink lips… That was my absolute fav but I wasn’t able to take a picture. :(
The shoot was especially fun because the two ladies were super kaduper nice. I didn’t feel intimidated at all. I felt like I really was part of the team. Because of that, I’m looking forward to our next shoot together! :)
I know I haven’t posted a tutorial for about a month now and I’m sorry for that. When I shoot tutorials, I want them to be really useful and beautiful. I don’t want to post just for the sake of posting, yah know? So be patient. The next series will be awesome, promise!
Zeh ;)

***Photos were grabbed from Ms Denise Ochoa’s instagram account except the makeup photo which is from my instagram account. :)
***Originally posted here.


Ms Denise: Zeh, papicture ka na with Liza and Sue?
Me: Uhm, no, thanks. Yung self-esteem ko 25% na lang sa sobrang ganda nila so ayoko tumabi sa kanila.

But seriously, they are so pretty for my life. Prolly two of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Super nice pa. So lucky to have assisted in doing your makeup. Twas nice to meet the two of you! :)

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By @deniseochoa “Thanks for assisting today @zehbombais … Hahaha because of you, ang dami ko tuloy pictures!!! Hahah” via @PhotoRepost_app


From today’s shoot. Thanks for bringing me, Ms Den! :) Reposted from @deniseochoa : “We survived today!!! 😃😃😃 @jodistamaria @zengaloperoncal @sidney_yap 😊 @nhilanhils hair by @jannet_saberon07 #makeupbydenisego #deniseochoamakeup thanks @zehbombais”


Another one from today. :) By @deniseochoa “Earlier today with @jodistamaria :) il post pucs with Muy when it’s out na :) 😉 @sidney_yap @zengaloperoncal @nhilanhils hair by @jannet_saberon07 #makeupbydenisego #deniseochoamakeup thanks @zehbombais for assisting 😊😊😊” via @PhotoRepost_app

From today’s shoot featuring the beautiful Jodi Sta Maria :) I assisted the Ms Denise Ochoa!!! :D


#throwback to one of my first makeup series featuring my beautiful friends! :) Read about my #DisneyVillains #makeup series on zehbombais.blogspot.com :D

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Photos by @trishachatto

Makeup by me!!! :D